Asake Net worth ( Updated 2023)

What is Asake’s net worth? According to us, Asake’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million. He’s one of the leading musicians in Nigeria, releasing some of the trendiest songs back-to-back. He started releasing music for his loyal fans in 2018, but his music career actually took off in the year 2020 after he released the hit single “Mr. Money,” which was later remixed by Peruzzi and Zlatan.




Asake is a Nigerian musician, skit maker, and stand-up comedian. Asake has made his mark in the Nigerian music industry and can boldly be counted among the top 10 leading Nigerian musicians.


There’s no doubt that Asake has made a huge name for himself in the few years he has appeared in the spotlight. Although the artist hasn’t won any awards yet in his musical career, that doesn’t mean he isn’t among the best musical geniuses in Nigeria.


While talking about his musical career, let’s not forget that Asake used to be a comedian and a skit maker who usually collaborates with Broda Shaggy, one of the biggest skit makers in Nigeria. Also, Asake is known to have amassed huge followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


According to his music YouTube channel, Asake has well over 500 thousand subscribers. According to the Forbes list, Asake has made a name as one of the most successful musicians in the Nigerian music industry.


Being among the trendiest Nigerian artists in the Nigerian music industry, a lot of people keep on demanding for Asake’s net worth on the internet, and that’s the main reason why we have our team to gather all the necessary information to work on this content.


When it comes to money or wealth, Asake has made a lot of money, and this is because he has spent over five years producing entertainment contents . If I can remind you, he once worked with some of the best skit makers in Nigeria.


So let’s dive into Asake’s net worth in 2023.


Asake’s biography and net worth


Before we begin to talk about Asake’s net worth, let’s first look at his background, lifestyle, early beginnings, and career so we can get a glimpse of who Asake really is.


The Nigerian musician Ahmed Olalade, popularly known by his stage name Asake or his hit single stage name “Mr.Money , is a genius when it comes to producing quality music. He is talented in music, skit-making, and dancing.


He was born on January 13, 1995, in Lagos State. Asake is a native speaker of Yoruba, as he hails from the western part of Nigeria. Asake was raised by his middle-class parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olalade. Ahmed’s mother was a teacher in primary school, while his father ran a small business.


Asake came into the entertainment business at a young age, where he displayed his love for dancing as he performed for small occasions during his secondary school days. Asake, or Mr. Money, wasn’t a dropout; he actually completed his education in the fields of theater arts at Obafemi Awolowo University.


Asake’s career in the music industry


Ahmed Olalade (Asake or Mr. Money)can be counted as one of the best upcoming artists of 2023 in the Nigerian entertainment industry; he has been performing for the public’s entertainment for the past 5 years.


Asake has experience in both skit-making and dancing, and as of recent, he has left people amazed with his amazing singing talent, leaving them shocked.


Based on all the information that we have gathered on Ahmed Olalade (Asake, or Mr. Money), we have come to the conclusion that Asake makes his money by producing quality music.


Based on the research that our team of writers carried out, Asake, or Mr. Money, makes his money from streams on his YouTube channel or the production of songs that are streamed on other streaming apps, which has earned him well over $5 million .


To have some knowledge about Asake’s net worth, all we need to do is make a total of how many songs he has produced and know his major visits geographical location on each platform. When we do that, we can accurately calculate the earnings. After we did all that, we realized Asake had made well over $5 million .


Asake’s net worth in 2023


Asake’s net worth is estimated at around 5 million dollars as of 2023. Asake started his entertainment career in 2018, where he started as a skit maker before he was able to switch to Afro-pop.


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