Emmanuel Ojei Net Worth (Updated 2023)

Emmanuel Ojei net worth of $1.2 billion because to his many successful business ventures in the banking and automotive industries. Many Nigerians can be classified as “rags-to-riches” entrepreneurs, in the sense that they began with little yet persevered through adversity to achieve success. Examples are the millionaire businessmen Emmanuel Isichei Ugochukwu Ojei and Alhaji Umaru Abdul Mutallab. They are a suitable symbol of strength, bravery, foresight, and perseverance.


Emmanuel Ojei is a businessman with an ambitious plan. His meticulousness and attention to detail have helped him rise to the top of several profitable industries, where he now occupies positions of power and influence. 

No matter how you look at him, the fact is that his very name conjures up images of bravery, vision, perseverance, and strength. He started with nothing and worked tirelessly till he became one of Nigeria’s most successful businesspeople.

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Emmanuel Ojei Biography and Net Worth

Known by his nickname, “Nuel Ojei,” he has amassed a business empire that makes him one of the largest private sector employers in Nigeria. He oversees a conglomerate of companies with holdings in several promising industries. He now serves as Nuel Ojei Holdings’ Executive Chairman and Group Managing Director.

Ojei is a highly ambitious investor. He was shrewd, meticulous, and intelligent, and he defied the odds to rise to the top of several different industries. Construction, banking, importing, selling, and servicing luxury automobiles, as well as oil and gas, are among his many fields of operation. Throughout the years, he has benefited greatly from lucrative contracts with both the public and private sectors.

Ojei had his primary and secondary education in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was born in 1951. From 1970 to 1972, he attended Issele-Uku Technical College in Issele-Uku, Delta State, where he earned an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Business Administration and Management.

In 1973, Ojei worked as a sales executive for Rutam Motors Limited (a subsidiary of the Ibru Organisation), only a year after finishing his OND study. In 1976, he resigned his position as Sales Manager to start his own vehicle repair firm. He was claimed to have dreamed up the concept while working for Rutam Motors.

Ojei tried to go out on his own less than a year after leaving Rutam Motors, but he was unsuccessful and was forced to quickly return to paid employment.

In March of 1977, he took another risk by entering the insurance sector as an employee of Unity Kapital Assurance Plc, where he eventually rose to the position of director.

When Nuel Ojei’s business began to flourish, he realised he needed to reorganise and integrate his diverse commercial interests into one powerful conglomerate. This realisation led to the establishment of Nuel Ojei Holdings Limited (NOH) in 1989.

In under 30 years, NOH has become an unstoppable force in the Nigerian economy. The Group’s extremely diverse investment platform includes the automotive, banking, insurance, oil and gas, solid mineral, energy, and telecommunications industries, to name a few of the Group’s more than ten business divisions and partner firms.

Technology-driven, high-end projects in sectors like power and energy, aviation, safety and security, shipping and shipbuilding, oil and gas, and others have been executed by NOH in conjunction with a huge network of recognised technical partners abroad.

With a crack staff of over 200 highly experienced expatriate workers, the Group has carved out a position for itself as a leading private indigenous conglomerate.

Among NOH’s subsidiaries, Nuel Auto Distributors Limited (NAD) stands out as the vehicle division’s exclusive agent of Mazda Motor Corporation, Japan since its incorporation in 1981.

Ojei serves on the boards of directors for a wide variety of businesses and nonprofits. The Economic Growth and Development Centre (EGDC) counts on him as a member of its advisory board. The EGDC is a non-profit group with the mission of accelerating economic growth and ending global poverty and hunger. Delta State University, Abraka honoured him with a Ph.D. in Business Administration for his professionalism in the business world.

Emmanuel Ojei Income from Business

Ojei is a wealthy investor and forward-thinking businessman. He was successful, methodical, and bright, and he overcame many obstacles to become a major player in many different areas of business. He has a wide range of interests, including building, banking, importing, selling, and servicing luxury vehicles and petroleum goods. He has received several lucrative government and private sector contracts throughout the years.

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Within the Emo Oil and Petrochemical Enterprise Limited (Emo) family of businesses, another major player is emerging. The company engages in crude oil exploration, exploitation, production, crude lifting, import/export of petroleum products, and consultancy for gas and pipeline integrity projects.

 His massive Delta state mansion is believed to have taken six years to build, despite his constant effort. It’s situated on a 35-dunam (about 10-acre) plot of land and has a total size of 12,000 square metres.

Emmanuel Ojei Business Career

His first excursion into the insurance industry began in March 1977, when he started working for Unity Kapital Assurance Plc, where he later became a director.

Nuel Ojei formed Nuel Ojei Holdings Limited (NOH) in 1989 to reorganise and harmonise his many businesses in light of his expanding economic interests.After 30 years, NOH has become an economic behemoth in Nigeria. It is one of the greatest corporations in the world, with over a dozen companies and affiliates involved in fields as diverse as banking and insurance, oil and gas, solid minerals, electricity, and telecommunications.

Through its extensive international network of recognised technical partners, NOH has worked on a wide range of high-end projects, including cutting-edge technology in the domains of power and energy, aviation, safety and security, shipping and shipbuilding, oil and gas, and more.

Nuel Ojei is one of Nigeria’s most influential businesspeople. His company employs tens of thousands of people. He oversees a massive corporation with interests in many different potentially lucrative industries.

Emmanuel Ojei Net worth in 2023

Emmanuel Ojei has amassed a net worth of $1.2 billion because to his many successful business ventures in the banking and automotive industries.


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