Michele Romanow Net Worth (2023)

What is Michele Romanow net worth? According to us Michele Romanow net worth is estimated at around $600 Million she is the co founder of “Clearbanc” a Toronto based provider of revenue sharing solution to fund new business on the internet


Michele Romanow is a Canadian entrepreneur and also a successful businesswoman she is listed among the top 50 influential women in the city of Canada today.

There is no doubt that Michele Romanow has made a difference in the business world she is a tech entrepreneur, TV personality and also a venture capitalist.

Michele Romanow has proven to the universe that what a man can do a woman can also do better she is super successful in the business world

Michele Romanow is currently the co founder of a company called “Clearbanc” a Toronto based provider of revenue sharing and solution to fund new online business

Been among the influential women in Canada a lot of people keep on asking for Michele Romanow net worth across the globe and that’s what we made a decision of writing down this content

When it comes to wealthy Michele Romanow is rich and this is because she is among the top influential women in her region and she is also listed in Forbes magazine

michele romanow net worth

Today we are going to determine Michele Romanow net worth b evaluating all that she has been making from the business that she does.

So let’s dive into her net worth

Michele Romanow Biography

Before we dive into Michele Romanow net worth lets first look at her biography so as to understand who she is

Michele Romanow was born and raised in Canada but she is native to Ukraine, she was born on the 12 of June 1985 right she is over 37 years old.

The internet haven’t known much about her personal family and that’s because she never revealed her personal life to the public.

Michele Romanow has an amazing back ground according to her story on the internet it was written that she graduated from Queens University Ontario she studied Civil engineering and MBA degree

Michele Romanow had the passion since when she was a kid, according to an interview conducted with her she stated that she started her business when she was in the university.

She first started by opening a coffee shop; slowing she begin to expend her eco system. She keeps on growing in the business world every single day of her life.

The main reason why we write down this content is to determine Michele Romanow net worth so let’s not waste much time here on her biography

Let’s get to her net worth straight away

Michele Romanow wealth from Tech industry

This is where the content gets interesting and that’s because this is where the evaluations take place

It’s very rare to see a woman succeeding in the tech industry, according to the survey done by Tech crunch they found out that women in the tech industry are less than 5% and almost none of them get to succeed

Michele Romanow happens to be among the lucky women in the world. She has founded and sold many tech companies during the years of her career

Also she has invested in a lot of Tech Company in Canada which makes her among the big Vc in the city.

To know Michele Romanow net worth we must know all of the companies that she has founded and how much are those companies worth in the global market.

Well according to the research conducted on the internet below are the lists of companies that Michele Romanow has founded in the years of her career

  1. Evandale Cavier
  2. ca
  3. Snapsave
  4. Clearbanc

According to the research conducted we found out that these 4 businesses worth over $600 Million which is a huge amount of money.

Based on the information gathered Buytopia.ca ended up acquiring six of its competitors combined in Canada which makes it worth over $100 Million.

Also according to her profile on Wikipedia it shows that she is working worth tech companies like; Vail resorts, Freshii and a lot more

Now that we have known how many her companies worth its time we made an ending to this interesting content by telling her net worth

Michele Romanow Net worth

Michele Romanow net worth is estimated at around $600 Million she is the co founder of “Clearbanc” a Toronto based provider of revenue sharing solution to fund new business on the internet

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