Peter Mbah Net Worth (Updated 2023)

What is Peter Mbah net worth? According to in-depth research, Peter Mbah net worth is unknown.

Peter Mbah, a governor, is a Certified Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration and Management and the CEO of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited in Nigeria.

He is a member of both the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and the Nigerian Bar Association.


Aside from serving as Pinnacle Oils and Gas Nigeria Limited’s chairman and CEO, Dr Peter Ndubuisi Mbah is also a lawyer and a financial analyst.

In the 2023 general election, Dr Peter Mbah is running for governor of Enugu State on behalf of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

In Enugu, the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium served as the site of the Party’s primary vote on Wednesday which was officiated by Dr. Peter Mbah, a former governor’s chief of staff. Chimaroke Nnamani was successful in that event.

Dr Peter Mbah, who had previously held the position of finance commissioner under the same Chimaroke administration, won the election with 790 total votes after eight candidates withdrew.

Peter Mbah Net Worth
Peter Mbah Net Worth

Peter’s Mbah Biography and Net Worth

Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited’s founder, Mr Peter Mbah, has the vision, grit, tenacity, diligence, self-discipline, and managerial know-how required to rise from relative obscurity and become a dominant player in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry.

Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, the founder and CEO of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited, an indigenous oil and gas business, talked to students at Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu, Nigeria, to mentor them and reassure them that, despite their current existential restrictions, they could shake hands with the sky.

Using his life experience, this captured his life’s journey and how he evolved into one of the most powerful figures in Nigeria’s oil industry.

Peter Mbah Childhood

CEO of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Ltd., Peter Mbah was born in Enugu State on March 17, 1972. For his SSCE, he went to Owode High School in Ogun State and Army Children’s School in Port Harcourt.

He eventually earned a Bachelor of Laws degree with honours from the University of East London in the United Kingdom. He afterwards continued to study law in Nigeria and was admitted to the Nigerian Bar.

Peter Mbah holds a master’s degree in marine and commercial law from Lagos State University as well as an MBA from Spain’s IESE Business School.

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The Said Business School at Oxford University granted him a Post Graduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation. In addition, he received an honorary doctorate in political science from Godfrey Okoye University in Enugu.

Peter Mbah Income From Business

Mr Peter Mbah, the founder of Pinnacle Oil and Gas Limited, has the vision, courage, perseverance, diligence, self-discipline, and management skills required to rise from relative obscurity and become a prominent player in the downstream petroleum business.

However, because his income is not visible on the Internet, we can not give a piece of detailed information about his income from the business.

Peter Mbah Career

Peter began his work as a merchant, purchasing and selling various items, before he rose to the status of a business titan. He eventually connected with a German company using his funds, and he began selling Mercedes Benz parts in Nigeria.

Mr Mbah previously held the positions of managing director and chief executive officer of several prosperous enterprises before moving to the UK to seek a legal education.

He established Gilpel Industries Limited and Peter Mbah Investments Limited, both of which offer oil and gas services.

The sole representative of Gilpel Industries Limited, a substantial importer of general commodities with a yearly turnover of over USD300 million, and a multinational oil corporation with headquarters in Fresno, California, the United States.

He was a member of the boards of three further businesses. In the Enugu State Government, Mr Mbah has held several posts, including Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Finance.

He has amassed a plethora of first-hand knowledge throughout this time in a variety of sectors, including project financing and public financial management.

He has received honorary accolades for his negotiation abilities from the Certified Institute of Public Administration and Management, Newswatch Magazine, and Rotary International District 9140.

2023 Governorship Election

Following the collation of the contentious Nkanu East Local Government Area results, Ifeanyi Mbah of the PDP was declared the victor of the Enugu State governorship election on Wednesday.

Mbah received 160,895 votes, and Chijioke Edeoga of the Labour Party received 157,552 votes, placing second. Due to claims of overvoting and result tampering in Nkanu East and Nsukka Local Government Areas, the INEC had already halted the collation of results on Monday.

The Labour Party agent claimed that Nkanu East results were padded to favour the PDP candidate, while the PDP agent claimed that Nsukka LGA results were manipulated.

The INEC national headquarters analyzed the results on Wednesday and discovered that Nkanu East had an excessive number of votes cast. In Nkanu East, the PDP candidate was proclaimed victorious, but the Labour Party candidate triumphed in eight other local government districts.

Nine local government districts, including Nkanu East, went in favour of the PDP candidate. Enugu State has 2,112,793 registered voters in total, whereas there are 381,971 accredited voters.

The contentious Nkanu East Local Government Area results were reviewed, and Ifeanyi Mbah of the PDP was proclaimed the winner. This is a summary of the results of the Enugu State Governorship Election.

Peter Mbah Net worth 2023

Nigerian-born Peter Mbah is a prominent political figure, financial analyst, and maritime attorney. His net wealth remains a mystery.

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